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We are a passionate team of VR engineers, interdisciplinary designers, linguists and education specialists working to revolutionize language education.

About Us

What's the mission
behind Immerse?

The key to success in language learning is achieved by creating opportunities to use language to achieve real-world goals. Our mission is to provide those a wide variety of challenging, engaging, thoughtful constructed environments that promote the use of language to share ideas, work through problems, create solutions, and collaborate with peers. We want to help learners in any part of the world gain access to opportunities for immersive practice to achieve lasting language achievements.

At Immerse, we are dedicated to leading the language education industry into the next generation of application-based learning by leveraging virtual reality to connect and empower people.

Our Advisors

Backed by some of the brightest minds in language education and technology

Michael Long

Michael H. Long, among the most important figures in the field of second language acquisition (SLA), is best known as the originator of the interaction hypothesis and the focus‐on‐form principle of second language (L2) instruction.

Sangmin-Michelle Lee

Dr. Sangmin-Michelle Lee is Professor of Global Communication at Kyung Hee University in South Korea. Her research interests include instructional designs in the technology-enhanced learning environment, machine translation, L2 writing, and digital creativity.

Zack Parnell

Zack Parnell is the President and CEO of Industrial Training International (ITI). He pioneered the initiative to launch ITI VR - the world's largest and most authentic library of crane and rigging virtual training simulations for the global construction industry.


However, their reach in the English-language learning world spans the globe. With more than twenty years experience, they have worked in the teaching and teacher-training space, educating students, parents, educators, and policy makers from Asia to Latin America and beyond. A subject-matter expert on the latest ELL pedagogies and practices, they bring practical real-world experiences to enrich and innovate in the virtual classroom.

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