How Long Does It Take to Become Fluent?

Immerse insights:

  • Anyone can become fluent in a language if they stick with it
  • You can become fluent in Spanish in 600 hours - that’s two months if you spend 25 hours per week learning and practicing
  • The key to success is motivation, because without motivation people are likely to quit before they reach fluency

For many new language learners, achieving fluency feels something like a quest for the holy grail - a worthwhile goal, but one that seems almost beyond reach. So, can you actually become fluent in a brand-new language? And how long will it take? The short answer is: Yes! And it depends!

How long will it take?

Here are three factors that impact the time it takes to learn a language:

1. Is the new language similar to one you already know?

Related languages often share similar vocabulary and grammar. (The German for “My bed is warm” is “Mein Bett ist warm,” for example.) The more similarity there is, the faster you’ll reach fluency.

2. How much time can you devote to learning?

According to the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, it takes an English speaker between 600-2200 hours of study to reach fluency, depending on the language. The average learner, for instance, can go from a B2 to a C1 CEFR level in two months if they spend 25 hours per week studying and practicing.

3. How motivated are you?

If you can sustain your motivation, you’ll put in more hours and become fluent sooner. And this doesn’t just mean studying. Find a fun way to practice with a friend who’s learning the language, like meeting up in one of Immerse’s free scenes to do one of the role-plays we’ve prepared. Those extra hours will help you learn the language faster.

How can Immerse help me reach fluency?

Immerse has a thriving community of active Members whose mutual excitement keeps them motivated and provides extra opportunities for fun language practice. Check out what one of our Members has to say about her Spanish-learning journey.

Which Immerse membership is right for me?

If your aim is to reach fluency as soon as possible, we recommend signing up for our unlimited plan, which unlocks unlimited classes in addition to all of our other language-learning features. Or if you want to check out our program first before committing, we have several other tiers, including a freemium tier. The good news is, each of Immerse’s Membership Tiers provides unlimited access to great features like our growing language library and communal spaces where you can meet up with other Members for practice.

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