Why Other Members Are Your Secret Weapon for Learning a Language Fast

Immerse insights:

  • If you want to learn to actually speak a new language, you need practice using it for real communication.
  • Talking to other Members not only gives you practice, it also gets you thinking about the language itself - and that leads to deeper learning.
  • Immerse makes it fun and easy to improve your skills with other Members (and make new friends) by hanging out in the Commons, role-playing in the Courtyard, or chatting in Discord!

Still struggling to learn a language even after hours of study with a language app? That’s no surprise.

One of the key ingredients of successful language learning is authentic communication.

Your brain is set up to use language to interact with others. When you practice communicating with real people in the language you’re learning, you tap into the neural language networks that are already wired in your brain.

Why is conversation practice with other Members such an effective way to improve my language skills?

Interacting with fellow language learners will help you learn faster and better. A big part of this is the practice you get speaking and trying to understand others, but there are other benefits too.

When you communicate with peers in your target language, you don’t just get practice - you’ll spend time talking about vocabulary, grammar, and culture too.

These conversations will deepen your understanding of the language. In fact, there’s evidence that giving feedback to your peers is even more beneficial than receiving it!

How does Immerse support learner interaction on its platform?

We understand the value of communicating with your fellow language learners, and we make it easy for you to reap those benefits.

The entire Immerse VR language learning platform was designed with interaction in mind.

Here are three ways you can tap into the power of social interaction in Immerse:

1. Join our Discord channel

The Immerse Discord channel is a very active community of language lovers sharing memes and tips, answering one another’s questions, and generally having a good time. All Immerse Members are welcome regardless of language ability and membership tier.

Sometimes you’ll even catch our Guides joining in!

Members of our Discord community have even started clubs, like one that gets together to talk about Spanish-language podcasts.

2. Jump into practice scenes from the Courtyard

Time really flies in Immerse lessons, and you may find yourself hungering for more after class.

Join a friend in the Courtyard, where you can jump into scenes like a shopping center to explore, practice speaking, scan for vocabulary, or just have fun.

3. Meet up in the Commons

Immerse Members playing in the Commons

The Commons is a great place for conversation practice. Arrange a time with friends, or just post on Discord to see who’s up for an impromptu meetup. Our Hosts have scheduled times in the Commons too, so come hang out with the coolest language enthusiasts in the metaverse!

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