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The Immersive Method

We have all experienced the ineffectiveness of rote memorization, language learning apps, and out-of-context language learning. That's why our method supports distraction-free engagement allowing your team members to learn new concepts and immediately apply those concepts through interactive role play and conversation based tasks in virtual reality environments. It’s well established that immersion is the most effective way to learn language and communication skills, using a communicative approach, focusing on conversation rather than memorization of structured language. Research has proven it time and again, and your own experience has probably confirmed it.


Sharing knowledge, information and experiences via interactive discussion and collaboration among peers has a direct impact on business success. Immerse is positioned to provide this experience for your teams as they collaborate and share knowledge in context-specific VR scenes.


Immerse allows for the customization of design and delivery based on each learner’s individual learning needs and performance. We offer custom scenario development for each of our clients because we recognizes and embrace the diversity that is part of any learning ecosystem.


Immerse combines virtual reality activities that mimic real-world challenges with online tools that help connect  lessons with workplace reality. With Immerse, learners are learning by doing. This is a powerful way to teach both principles and skills and ultimately change behavior.

What happens during a language learning experience in VR? The learner's affective filter (an invisible psychological filter that can either facilitate or hinder acquisition) is lowered, they become more culturally aware, develop a deeper sense of intrinsic motivation, and acquire new communication skills more effortlessly. Each VR scene helps learners feel more immersed, and strengthens their ability to recall the target communication skills.  This environment also leads to successful role-playing, because students are more likely to take risks, inquire, and explore in a realistic, anxiety-free VR environment.

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