Join a trainer in VR and role-play any scenario

Our trainers and cutting edge virtual scenarios help learners hone their English language and communication skills. Enable your team to become communication rockstars and accelerate their careers.


Getting started in 3 steps

Check out the 3 simple steps to begin using Immerse with your team

Go general or choose a skill to focus on

Immerse will work with your team to curate our program to meet your learners' needs. Whether it's interpersonal skills, culture, presentations, pronunciation or general English, our personable trainers will be ready to meet them right where they are.

Let us quickly take care of training your staff

We have gone above and beyond to make getting started with VR as simple as possible. We will take care of getting you the headsets, all you have to do is be ready to have a blast learning.

Confirm your courses and begin learning

Start learning in context-specific VR scenarios with  communication trainers that are there to make sure your team members meet their personal and professional goals.

Our platform makes learning and managing a breeze

Along with VR training scenarios, Immerse comes with a lightweight online and mobile platform to help keep track of your team's lessons, assessments, and review.
It also provides important learning progress data to managers and directors.

It's easy

Let's chat!

Want to find out how Immerse can help you team? Let's get started.




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