November 16, 2020

Curriculum Mapping & Alignment With Immerse

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Together with our learning services team, we work to bring your program to life in Virtual Reality. Our Curriculum Mapping and Alignment training ensures that every institution using the Immerse Virtual Language Experience Platform (VLEP) has different, individual learning experiences custom aligned with the objectives and outcomes your program is designed to achieve. The final implementation of Immerse at your institution will always be unique to the needs of your program.

The Immerse VLEP is designed to allow programs to quickly align the various experiences and locations in Immerse to your curriculum offering. We work together with your team to understand desired outcomes, evidence of success, and where opportunities for VR enhancement are apparent. Using a workshop style approach, we empower all institutions to make the most of VR offerings.

Your Curriculum Mapping Training

Our curriculum mapping services provide institutions with everything necessary to create a complete end-to-end plan for the use of VR in educational programs. The following are all the types of curriculum mapping workshop training our team will provide for your organization:

1. Mapping Training Workshop

In this workshop, we work directly with your curriculum team to review your current program, determine the best course of action for mapping, and map several scenes and/or experiences to institutional programs. This allows curriculum teams to work hands on with our learning services to ensure the best possible fit to your program, regardless of your specific approach to language training. The process is designed to ensure that VR is a robust addition to your curriculum.

2.  Mapping Review Workshop

Once the curriculum team has completed a preliminary mapping of a course, or series of selected courses at your institution, we offer an expert review, with a 90 minute workshop for feedback and further support in curriculum mapping and alignment as necessary. Our learning services experts will work with your team to address any outstanding issues and ensure that your team can map your program end to end with confidence.

3. Staff and Faculty Workshop

Aligning VR to your curriculum ensures alignment to your program outcomes and incorporates VR as a cohesive part of learning programs. To ensure best in class use of VR, our learning services team is ready to help you train staff and faculty on the importance of VR alignment to your curriculum. In this workshop, we review the results of curriculum alignment and outline how staff can best work with the alignment to achieve learning outcomes and objectives in VR.

4. Faculty VR Facilitation Training Workshop

Once you have Immerse aligned to your program, helping teachers guide lessons in virtual reality ensures the goals of your institution are met, regardless of where your students are learning. Our Faculty VR training will take instructors through the process of using the various classroom management tools built directly into the Immerse VR platform, providing instructors with powerful tips and tricks to bring to life their most creative virtual learning ideas.

5. Faculty VR Language Pedagogy Workshop

Immerse was designed to support engaging language learning experiences with confidence. This workshop training will help your instructors transfer real-life classroom practice into their virtual learning space, ensuring learners will have multiple opportunities to build language skills, and allowing faculty time to observe, assess, and plan for continued language learning success.

Contact Immerse to enroll in a Curriculum Mapping training workshop.

Sara Davila
Sara Davila is the Head of Efficacy and Learning for Immerse. Based in Chicago, Sara Davila is an expert on English-language learning, twenty-first century pedagogies, and teacher-training best practices. Author of numerous articles and speaker at countless conferences, Sara’s expertise spans the globe.

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