Immerse is Committed to Employing Syrian Refugees and the Most Vulnerable Around the World

Where did the idea of employing Syrian Refugees come from?

Immerse has its organizational sights on disrupting the language industry. At the same time, we are equally motivated by how this disruption will serve those in the most vulnerable corners of the globe, in particular the Syrian refugee. This cause is central to our team, and the whole idea for the company initially emerged when I was working and living with Syrian Refugees in Beirut, Lebanon.

While I was there I realized one of the most sustainable ways to help Syrian refugees over the long term is to find them consistent employment with fair wages. At this time I also discovered that some Syrian refugees are creatively finding employment through teaching online, but they are facing difficulties.

Difficulties for Syrian refugees to teach online

For example, today’s online language tutors exclusively teach the traditional way, with lesson plans and exams. Therefore, the tutor needs years of education and certifications. Using the traditional methodology, the teacher is active and the student is a passive recipient.

Immerse flips that equation on its head. Now the student is in the driver seat and the tutor simply plays the role of guide by answering questions and patiently practicing conversing. In this new era, the best teachers won’t be the ones with the most degrees but instead the best character traits (i.e. patient, thoughtful, nurturing, engaging). In the traditional system, a Syrian refugee widow would never be able to teach Arabic online, but Immerse will open the floodgates for refugees to begin tutoring en masse.

Immerse’s plans for employing Syrian refugees

While Immerse was founded in order to address the problems of the Syrian refugee tutor, the team’s generosity goes beyond that. We encourage teammates to volunteer time and money to projects that help Syrian refugees, and other vulnerable people groups. Today we are working to establish partnerships with a number of refugee nonprofits to help train and employ refugees.

To learn more about Immerse, check out our website and schedule a demo at this link!

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October 17, 2018


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