Learning a Language is Like Learning How to Swim

Here’s an analogy to mull over: learning a language is a lot like learning to swim — the best way to learn is to jump in. Studying the art of the backstroke and practicing the motions in your living room won’t really help you learn to swim (although it might look cool). Similarly, you can flip flashcards and write out conjugations endlessly, but the only way to really learn a language is through immersion. You need to dive in.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. How did you learn your first language as a child? The answer: lots and lots of experience building your language muscles through immersion. So you should learn your next language the same way!

So how do you jump in? You can get on the next flight to Paris, chat with the locals, walk their streets, listen to their music, and fall in love with their culture. That sounds amazing, right? But I’m a college student, and a bit on the, well, impecunious side… Unless I sell an organ on the black market, I won’t be strolling faraway boulevards anytime soon. If learning a language is like learning to swim, it’s a problem that my training pool is on another continent.

Making language immersion possible for everyone

This is where Immerse comes in — this is what we’re so excited about! We are going to make immersion possible for everyone. Our app will connect the millions of language tutors and students around the world. We will provide the tools and adapted curriculum to allow people to learn language naturally, the way it is meant to be learned. Effectively, we are bringing the pool to you.

So dive in with us. Get ready to really learn language the way it was always meant to be learned. Ditch those textbooks, slap on a speedo and jump in!

Click here to dive in: immerse.online

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September 25, 2018