Optional Employee Development is not Sufficient for Rising Leaders in a Global Workforce

Are employees taking advantage of optional e-learning?

It is a good start to offer e-learning to your employees, but is it enough? Do you know how many of your employees actually take advantage of the e-learning that is offered by your company? New York Times best selling author and keynote speaker on employee engagement, Kevin Kruse, surveyed his readers and found that most companies are in the five percent range – 5%!! For global companies that want to cultivate global employees who are ready to take on the world of international business, optional employee training won’t cut it. If only five percent of employees take advantage of optional corporate learning, that isn't  enough to make any significant difference to the performance of your company.

Corporate learning drives competitive advantage.

Why does there need to be a strong corporate learning program? It is no secret today that corporate learning drives competitive advantage. According to an article in Forbes, “one of the most important sources of competitive advantage is your entire corporate learning strategy.” Without investing in its employees, a company is doomed to stay static.

Business English is a crucial aspect of corporate learning

It is not just corporate learning in general that gives a company competitive advantage. Business English training specifically has been proven to be essential for bringing a company to a new level of global success. In an amazing recent study, EF reports the following: “English drives sales revenue. A massive 88% of managers and directors of large international companies would consider paying more for a product or service coming from suppliers with higher levels of English proficiency. On average they would be prepared to pay 16% extra for their products and services.”

So if fluent business English plays such a huge role in increasing sales of products and services, then it would follow that training key employees in virtual reality business English scenarios would drive business results exponentially. Business English training really ought to be a priority for any global company.

Immerse is flipping corporate learning on its head

Immerse is providing a software solution that is intentional, team unifying, confidence building, and is based upon interactive VR experiences that reap radical results. Companies are perfecting their employees’ English in our platform, assessing in our platform, learning from mistakes in our platform, growing rapidly in our platform, and soaring into success in our platform. We aren’t talking about a nice-to-have VR experience. We are talking about an ecosystem that powerfully transforms employees through consecutive, immersive, and holistic language learning experiences and more! Learn more or sign up for a demo today at immerse.online.

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March 6, 2019