The Last Thing A Global Employee Should Worry About

Employees are the ambassadors of your company

Global employees have important responsibilities. They are often seen as ambassadors for their companies abroad, and they are tasked with closing deals with foreign companies. The pressure of meeting with foreign counterparts to execute a deal, all while dealing with an unfamiliar culture, language, and set of customs is enough to make one’s head spin.

At their peak performance, employees should be able to focus all their energy on mastering their subject matter. Distractions and stressors not directly related to the business only take away from an employee’s ability to be an effective business person. But global employees often need to contend with representing their company in an unfamiliar language, trying to appear comfortable with unfamiliar social situations, and remembering the right style of language to use for different situations.

Business English is the last thing an employee should worry about

English should be the last thing a global employee needs to worry about. Focusing on the medium through which business takes place only takes away from an employee’s ability to effectively conduct that business. Immerse gives global employees the peace of mind to competently perform in a foreign language in a wide variety of situations, without having to consciously monitor their language use.

Immerse takes care of your employees

Immerse’s realistic, convincing virtual environments allow an employee to tailor the setting of their language lessons to whatever context they need to practice. Whether that situation is a board room, a cafe, or a formal dinner, Immerse lets you realistically practice any situation in relevant 3D scenes.

But how effective is virtual reality in teaching a second language? Although virtual lessons have been incorporated into language learning for as long as computers have existed, until recently they haven’t done anything that printed materials couldn’t accomplish. But with virtual reality, the learner experiences an environment rather than simply observing one. In fact, studies have shown that this inclusive virtual environment can lead to higher cognitive engagement than traditional classroom learning.

Utilizing realistic virtual business scenarios will ensure employee confidence

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that when you want to learn a skill, the most realistic practice is the best practice. People stand up and give speeches in their living rooms to practice for public speaking, so why not practice for a business meeting by having one in virtual reality? This is what sets Immerse apart from other business English courses. A global employee trained with Immerse’s unique virtual reality lessons will bring experience and comfort to any situation that might arise.

Real conversations with real tutors also leads to a more natural linguistic development. Meeting one-on-one in a dining room scene of a formal restaurant, for instance, also gives global employees all the social cues and formalities to tackle that situation in real life. Immerse gives global employees the business English practice necessary to conduct business without worrying about how they are using their language.

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February 28, 2019