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Our VR English Programs

Practice Speaking to Improve Specific Communication Skills

Program 1
For business & University

Speaking Abroad Skills

Whether you are an employee about to relocate to New York for business or you are a student about to study abroad in Los Angeles, it is difficult navigating American culture and speaking confidently once you arrive.

Experience our Speaking Abroad training modules so you can feel confident speaking in America.

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Program 2
for business & university

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Whether you are persuading colleagues, negotiating with a client, or presenting to a class, the power of the presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

Experience our Public Speaking & Presentation training modules so you can feel confident presenting information.

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Program 3
For business

Team Collaboration & Leadership Skills

The ability to voice your opinion, contribute in conversations, and problem solve with others is what can make or break a team.

Experience our Team Collaboration & Leadership training modules so you can feel confident communicating with others and leading your team to higher performance.

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Try VR

Experience our to determine if Immerse is right for you. This course will teach you how to use VR and navigate the Immerse platform, as well as show you a few of our most popular VR English scenes and activities!


Pinpoint your need

After your , an Immerse Program Design Manager will meet with you to create a personalized training plan. You will then be matched to one of our world-class VR English trainers and continue training to reach your fluency goals.


Practice and grow

Continue practicing your English conversation skills live with your trainer and develop English fluency faster than ever before. The more you practice, the more authentic communication skills you develop. There are a variety of skills to choose from - conquer all fluency skills if you can!

Step 1

Try VR

Our programs begin with a 6-session Intro to VR English course. This is designed to help you become comfortable and confident learning in VR.

Step 2

Pinpoint your need

After trying VR, we perform a needs assessment to clearly understand where you need to improve so you can thrive at work and in life.

Step 3

Practice and grow

After your needs assessment is complete we will recommend you begin with either our Personalized Coaching Program or our one of our Courses.

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