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Why VR?

Reduce your 'affective filter'

The affective filter is a linguistic metaphor that describes a learner's attitudes which affect their success while learning English. VR dramatically lowers the filter so learner's can overcome anxiety, fear of failure, self-consciousness, and reluctance to participate. In turn, they become risk-takers that enjoy seeking out opportunities to participate.

Learn by doing

Traditional delivery methods offer passive learning experiences which result in knowledge transfer, but not real-life skills development. In VR all exercises, activities, and lesson experiences are active. This breakthrough training delivery method finally gives learners the opportunity to apply and activate their speaking skills.

Sense of presence

Just as you see the world now, you feel a true sense of presence when you are in VR. VR tricks your brain into thinking you are actually somewhere else which is a major and unique benefit for education. Now, learners aren't limited to simply talking about English concepts, but they can actually experience speaking English in real-life scenarios - without having to leave work or home.

Embrace failure

Failure is essential to learning because it reveals where we are in fact skilled but also where we need improvement. VR lets you safely practice until the point of failure, experience real-life consequences, and receive real-time constructive feedback. Failure is key to achieving fluency, so we embrace it fully.

Affordability and scalability

Until this year, VR has always had a luxurious price tag requiring an expensive gaming computer and a dedicated room. With the recent breakthrough development of Standalone VR, all you need to experience VR is self-contained in a wireless headset. The Immerse platform is strategically built for the Oculus Go standalone VR headset which costs only $150. You can purchase one here if you'd like.

The Kirkpatrick Model

Measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of training is difficult. The Kirkpatrick model famously categorizes the impact of learning into 4 levels: 
1) Reaction - how did I feel while learning?
2) Learning - how much information did I actually acquire?
3) Behavior - how much learning was applied in real life?
4) Results - how many outcomes were accomplished from the learning?

Most training solutions are lecture-based and only reach Level 2 of the Kirkpatrick Model. Since VR is application-based, our training reaches Level 4 of the Kirkpatrick Model.

Practice Anywhere with Anyone, Anytime

With the click of a button you can practice your pitch on a Ted Talk stage or negotiate with your team on a deserted island. VR teleports you to a brand new world full of realistic and creative scenes to practice speaking instantly. You can even have teams located in different regions connect together in real time in VR. With VR proximity is no longer a divider between people.
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Why Immerse?

VR is better together

Majority of VR applications today are asynchronous experiences. Research supports that self-paced language solutions alone result in severe attrition. At Immerse, we acknowledge the purpose of learning English is ultimately to communicate better with the people around you - so that's how we train. In the Immerse platform, learners travel to new worlds and practice their English speaking skills together with their peers and a nurturing coach. Because of this, our training has proved to be more enjoyable and effective than any other language solution on the market.

The safety of anonymity

With Immerse you don't have to worry about potential tension or anxiety that can occur when practicing English alongside your co-workers or friends. Because you are behind the face of an avatar you can choose the way you look and you can remain anonymous if you'd like! 

Our team

Our team is made up of linguists, instructional designers, and VR engineers. This unique combination of talent allows us to create incredible VR English training experiences customized to best serve our clients. We are a grateful group of friends that look forward to serving you soon.
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