Enhanced and deepened learning = best practices in VR design & ELT

Our VR software combines the advantages of social VR gaming and meaningful task-based practice, resulting in real-time language acquisition

You can do it! Develop English fluency in VR.

Practice speaking with a native speaker in our virtual worlds so you can finally speak English with confidence in yours.

AS Seen in

Before Immerse...

Our students tried everything before switching to Immerse; textbooks, flashcards, lectures, Berlitz, Duolingo, AEON, GABA, ECC, Avalon and they still were unsatisfied with their ability to speak English confidently. 


Facilitate fluency development with virtual task-based learning

Research on virtual reality shows that the experience of being immersed and fully engaged in tasks and problem-oriented learning improves learner self-efficacy and language cognition.


Virtual Collaboration

Help learners develop confidence and fluency through collaboration. Challenge them to work together to explore a variety of scenes, manipulate items, and respond to challenges in real time.

Daily reports

Receive report every day on your inbox.

Mobile reports

Browse reports on your phone or tablet.


Intuitive Facilitation Tools

Leading engaging and distraction-free lessons has never been more rewarding. Use our intuitive VR teaching tools and focus on doing what you do best: teaching.


Real-time Support

VR learning makes it easy to provide feedback in the moment of need. Use a variety of tools to ensure your learners speak confidently and correctly in a variety of situations.

Daily reports

Receive report every day on your inbox.

Mobile reports

Browse reports on your phone or tablet.


Get Lost in Conversation

Language learning is the most effective when students get lost in the conversation. VR immersion allows language learners to enter what research describes as a "flow state"; longer engagement, high focus, and minimal anxiety.

training that works

We help our students finish what they started

Are you experiencing the frustration of being unable to speak English in real life after weeks, months, or even years of studying? Virtual reality training transforms your knowledge of the English language into true fluency.

training THAT builds real skills

Don't just memorize, present with passion

Have you ever experienced the overwhelming fear of having to speak English in front of a group of people? Virtual reality training empowers you to move from memorizing phrases to developing the confidence to communicate with purpose.

training that is relevant

Practice now so you can perform when it counts

Have you ever experienced a moment when you wanted to communicate something but couldn't find the words to say it? Virtual reality training builds real-life English skills so you can overcome real-world challenges.

training that changes lives

Express yourself and build friendships

Have you ever experienced the sensation of being with people but felt like an outsider? Virtual reality training empowers you to join the conversation, connect with people, and develop life-changing relationships.


We help you finish what you started

Time and time again we meet people around the world who have studied English for years but can't speak confidently. We exist to change that.

Immersive VR scenes

Fun quests, great conversation, real progress

Live American Instructors

All of our instructors are certified


Current online group classes

Each course is structured as an intensive training to quickly develop speaking skills in addition to your existing learning.

See it for yourself

Virtual reality makes English learning fun and interactive

See it for yourself

VR makes English practice easy and fun.

"Practicing English in VR sounds amazing, but how does it work and what is it like?" Watch the video to see for yourself.


Online group courses

Each program provides intensive training to quickly improve your underdeveloped English skills.

Want a course customized just for your? Get in touch with on of our counselors.

A complete VR language solution from start to scale

Immerse is dedicated to lead language institutions into the 21st century using virtual reality


Current online group classes

Each course meets twice per week for a total of 90 minutes. View the current schedule below or learn more about our group language classes. All times are listed in Eastern Time.

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Sign up for one of our upcoming free trial lessons to experience a sample of the Immerse training experience. Trial lessons take place every Saturday at 6pm Japan Standard Time (JST) or 11am Central European Time (CET). Trial lessons will be 30 minutes long and include an introduction on what to expect during an Immerse lesson.
Need a course customized to meet your specific needs? Schedule a call with one of our counselors today.
Business English 
A public speaking course designed to improve your ability to present your work and ideas with confidence.
English for Everyday
A multi-level course designed to build your overall communication skills for everyday life.
Travel & Speaking Abroad
A preparation course designed to develop the communication skills necessary to thrive abroad.

Want a course customized just for your? Get in touch with on of our counselors.


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