Benefits of learning in VR with a live Instructor

Learning with Immerse provides distraction-free engagement allowing students to learn new concepts and immediately apply those concepts through interactive role-play and conversation based tasks in virtual reality environments. We know that the secret to learning a language is real conversations with real certified teachers in real (virtual reality) locations.


Using the best in VR technology
the key

Immerse's compelling virtual environments provide the input needed for language acquisition that other online learning platforms fail to provide

Communication is about so much more than just knowing the words, Immerse teaches the emotion and social elements of language unlike any other program on the market.

Travel to many locations

Travel to virtually anywhere in the world to practice and learn with your language instructor! 

Meet with American instructors

Meet with our certified American instructors trained to use VR to accelerate your learning.

Practice in real-life  scenarios

Research has proven that practicing in real-life contexts  is the most effective way to learn a language.

Have fun while learning

Learning in VR is fun, so naturally students have a higher intrinsic motivation to practice their English skills.

Examples of scenario specific learning

With Immerse you can meet with language trainers in hundreds of scenarios that are guaranteed to accelerate your learning.

  • Airport protocol

  • Business etiquette in foreign settings

  • Public Speaking in front of a crowd

  • Networking after work

Pave the way for your team’s success

Our instructors and cutting edge virtual scenarios help learners hone the English language and communication skills they need to become rockstars at their jobs and take off in their careers.


71 %

of millennials look for companies with strong language-learning opportunities who will support their professional development


of companies in a Forbes survey said miscommunication reduced productivity


of managers in a recent survey said language training made their team's more productive when working with clients


Course tracks customized for your team

Our talented training coordinators are ready to build a program to meet your team's needs

Business English

VR Track

Build your language and communication skills in hundreds of different scenarios. Jump into VR with one of our trainers who will curate lesson content to your specific level and goals.

Social Skills & Cultural Considerations

Custom VR Coursework

Collaborate, persuade others,  speak confidently, explain ideas clearly, be sensitive to cultural differences, and navigate difficult conversations


Custom VR Coursework

Learn to give a well-organized presentation, support your claims, engage your audience, handle difficult questions, pitch your product, and present an action plan for a problem

Leadership and Management

Custom Coursework

Motivate employees, resolve disputes, conduct interviews, introduce people, provide feedback, discipline, and deliver bad news appropriately


Custom Coursework

Confidently lead meetings, follow proper etiquette, brainstorm and solve problems, manage discussion,  collaborate, converse, and argue your viewpoints diplomatically

Project Management

Custom Coursework

Communicate requirements and schedules,  create plans, communicate with stakeholders, manage change, report progress, review performance, and present end products


Here's what people are saying!

Cultivating strong collaborative skills requires an immersive, experiential learning environment where employees can practice new skills and receive feedback that will position them and the organization to achieve improved performance.

Association of Talent
State of the Industry

Meeting with a real trainer in VR has radically impacted how quickly I learn. Immerse is the only tool I know of capable of linking trainers and learners in the same VR space allowing for real time feedback that actually transforms the way we learn.

Samantha Herrera
SVP & Chief of HR

The Immerse team is composed of some of the most kind and caring individuals our team has ever worked with . We have had a blast working with them thus far and are excited to continue as we role this out to the rest of our organization. Keep the good vibes coming!

Ray Garcas
Founder, CEO

With Immerse my communication skills have improved drastically. I am less afraid to make mistakes in VR and my trainer is so kind and understanding. Each of the scenarios that we practice in VR helps me to easily recall my skills when I am applying them in reality!

KT Lee
Sales Lead

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