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Why We Exist

Activate your English skills in virtual reality


Immersive experiences allow you to activate your knowledge of the English language so you can finally become a confident communicator at work and in life.

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How it works

Our VR training platform links you with a live certified trainer in amazing virtual environments focused on English conversation practice.

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How you start

Connect with one of our learning success managers to discover the areas where you have room to grow. Then determine the VR training plan that's right for you.

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What Sets us apart

We help you finish what you started

Time and time again we meet people around the world who have studied English for years but can't speak confidently.

Consequently, our program does not focus on traditional English acquisition through grammar or rote memorization exercises. Instead, we help you take the next essential step toward fluency by giving you the space to practice speaking authentically.

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We use virtual reality

Before VR, learning has been limited to boring lectures, memorization and ineffective speaking exercises.

With VR you are placed in a completely immersive environment where you are motivated, engaged, and excited to speak.

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What Sets us apart

We believe in relevant, task-based training

We incorporate task-based training that resonates in the workplace and the real-world. Our programs not only enable you to speak English confidently, they also equip you to effectively contribute at work and in life.

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Why VR?

Reduce your affective filter

The affective filter is a linguistic metaphor that describes a learner's attitudes which affect their success while learning English. VR dramatically lowers the filter so learner's can overcome anxiety, fear of failure, self-consciousness, and reluctance to participate. In turn, they become risk-takers that enjoy seeking out opportunities to participate.

Learn by doing

Traditional delivery methods offer passive learning experiences which result in knowledge transfer, but not real-life skills development. In VR all exercises, activities, and lesson experiences are active. This breakthrough training delivery method finally gives learners the opportunity to apply and activate their speaking skills.

Embrace failure

Failure is essential to learning because it reveals where we are in fact skilled but also where we need improvement. VR lets you safely practice until the point of failure, experience real-life consequences, and receive real-time constructive feedback. Failure is key to achieving fluency, so we embrace it fully.

Practice anywhere with anyone, any time

With the click of a button you can practice your pitch on a Ted Talk stage or negotiate with your team on a desert island. VR teleports you to a brand new world full of realistic and creative communication-based scenarios instantly.

Sense of presence

Just as you see the world now, you feel a true sense of presence when you are in VR. VR tricks your brain into thinking you are actually somewhere else which is a major and unique benefit for education. Now, learners aren't limited to simply talking about English concepts, but they can actually experience speaking English in real-life scenarios - without having to leave work or home.

VR is not expensive anymore

Until this year, VR has always had a luxurious price tag and required an expensive gaming computer and a dedicated room to be used. With the recent breakthrough development of Standalone VR, all you need to experience VR is all self-contained in a wireless headset. The Immerse platform is strategically built for the Oculus Go (and Quest in 2020!) standalone VR headset.